One Lottery Culture

Collaboration. Cooperation. Communication.

Every day we work together to provide more for California's public schools. Here at the California Lottery, we rally behind the "One Lottery" motto that emphasizes teamwork, underscores the importance of every employee and highlights his or her contributions to meeting our agency's mission of maximizing funding to public education.

Breaking down "silos" and building a culture of cross-divisional collaboration has been a major focus for the Lottery. Reaching our agency goals and increasing sales can only be met by collaboration, cooperation, and communication.

The Lottery is constantly looking for new ways to grow a positive work culture and invest in the productivity of its workforce. The Lottery has put in place several new programs to help employees grow and advance while promoting collaboration, as well as an appreciation and understanding of individual objectives that align with Lottery goals.

Rewarding Hard Work

The Employee Recognition Program recognizes the hard work of exemplary employees who are nominated by management and peers on an annual basis.

Silver Level

Major improvement or performance resulting in an exceptional contribution to the efficiency of the Lottery.

Gold Level

Accomplishment that not only meets the requirement listed above, but is of such an outstanding nature that they merit recognition of the highest order.

Sustained Superior Accomplishment – Superior job performance over a two-year period, which results in an exceptional contribution to the efficiency of the Lottery.

Awardees are recognized throughout the year in a photo display case in the lobby at Lottery headquarters. Both nominees and awardees receive a personalized certificate and are invited to a congratulatory lunch by their supervisor.

Every Lottery Employee is an Ambassador

In an effort to improve communication and awareness, the Lottery has increased the number of staff orientations that offer employees a forum to learn about agency goals and direction, and a sneak peak at new and exciting Lottery campaigns before the general public.

Investing In Our People

Through workforce planning the Lottery is able to identify future workforce needs and develop solutions—such as training and technology upgrades to address the gaps between the current workforce and future needs. Workforce and succession planning activities are necessary to systematically address changes in the business environment and the workforce that potentially impacts the operational efficiency and success of the Lottery.

Lottery Employees Like to Work Out

The Lottery encourages a healthy lifestyle and supports employees in their efforts to stay active. On any given day you can find staff biking to work, walking during their lunch hour, supporting local farmers markets or even breaking a sweat during Zumba classes. The Lottery understands that healthy employees promote a positive and productive work environment.