California Lottery

Integrity and Transparency

An equal and fair chance of winning.

Upholding the integrity of our games is critical. Our goal is for all our players, and potential players, to understand that every Californian has an equal and fair chance of winning.

The Lottery does this through a series of regulations, procedures and internal controls that ensure all draw machines are working properly and that numbers are being selected in a random manner. Selecting winning numbers is an elaborate process that includes an independent auditor who witnesses the draw process from beginning to end, pre-and-post-testing of all draw equipment, and a review of draw results by independent statistician who analyzes this information to ensure statistical randomness. Corporate Communications began a video project called the "Integrity Series." Several reports highlight the security, fairness and randomness of all draws, as well as a two-part feature detailing the strict requirements necessary to become a Lottery retailer.

Transparency and integrity go hand-in-hand. The Lottery takes great pride in providing accurate and complete information to our stakeholders and the general public. All drawn numbers are made available shortly after the draw on the public website. The Lottery produces several reports on our financial and business operations, timely notification of prizewinners and remaining top prizes for our Scratchers? and 2nd Chance games. As testament to our success in this area, the Lottery was awarded the prestigious Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada for the sixth time.