Stakeholder Engagement

This CSR element strives to strengthen the Lottery's relationship with key stakeholders by increasing the overall understanding of the Lottery's objectives, legislative proposals and business operations that advance a positive image of the Lottery and its mission.

Supporting our stakeholders

In FY 2012-2013 the Lottery supported stakeholder events and campaigns that are aligned with our mission and strategic goals. Part of this funding supported National Problem Gambling Week with advertisement purchases in four major regional newspapers to help raise awareness of problem gambling issues and the resources available.

The Lottery has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with the California Department of Education, and remains a strong supporter of its annual Teachers of the Year Awards that recognizes outstanding teachers and pays tribute to California's strong teaching force.

The Lottery's sponsorship of this program, along with the Distinguished School Awards, which is a program that honors those schools that have demonstrated educational excellence by narrowing the achievement gap, has helped support regional ceremonies throughout the state to honor awardees.

The Lottery also supports organizations like trade associations and business chambers that represent the interests of many of its retailers. Last year the Lottery sponsored the California Independent Grocers Association's annual installation banquet that honors independent grocers for their business accomplishments. The California Independent Grocers Association is a non-profit trade association representing over 300 independent grocery stores since the late 1800's.

Raising awareness of how the Lottery works to support schools

The Lottery's mission to maximize funding to public education has a strong presence at our Lottery headquarters—you can see it in our display cases! Instead of spending money on pricey professional artwork, the Lottery is displaying public school student artwork at our headquarters in Sacramento— highlighting one way Lottery enhancement dollars are used. Students, parents, teachers, school administrators and elected officials are invited to our facility where students receive certificates of recognition for their art pieces and artistic talent.

Improving our dialogue with retailers

The Lottery considers its retailer network as "mission critical" partners that help us meet our mandate to maximize contributions to California public schools. Together, we work to ensure a successful sales year that benefits public education. In order to better understand issues affecting Lottery retailers and improve dialogue with our network, the Lottery has reinstated its Retailer Advisory Board where the Board and management can discuss a wide range of issues. These periodic meetings also help shape the development and execution of Lottery strategic plans, marketing programs, product development and field sales service levels.

New collaboration

This year the Lottery embarked on a new collaboration with the office of Assembly member Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield), by co-hosting our first Retailer Workshop in the city of Bakersfield. This is a collaboration we plan to continue with other legislative offices. The event was successful in attracting local business owners interested in selling Lottery products. Participants learned about our products and the exciting business incentives that can help grow California businesses.